About us.

Extensive experience and long-lasting partnerships

Champrix is dedicated team of knowledgeable animal feed experts. Based on former careers with companies such as Hendrix, LNB, Cargill and Provimi, we know what we are talking about. Like no other we understand that our clients expect our integrity and guaranteed quality of our products. Based on our proven seniority in the animal feed industry we have therefore become a trusted partner for our many clients.

We do not suffer from an extensive, complicated and delaying management structure. On the contrary. We are not set in our ways but we will conversely go to great lengths in order to find the best suitable product for you, fast and efficient.

We are result-oriented and we will make sure we provide you with high-quality and sustainable premixes, protein concentrates, milk replacers and feed additives that can be customized in any way that fits your needs. We work hard to make your life easier, more efficient and more profitable, every day. We do so with a positive, hands-on, common sensed and customer friendly attitude and we have therefore already been able to establish strong and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

We deliver to the animal feed compound industry, home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors Worldwide. We are not only experienced in developing and producing high-quality animal feed ingredients, but we also know how to ship it fast and cost-efficiently; since we are in the proximity of Rotterdam International Harbor we are able to distribute our products fast, reliable and cost-efficiently.

Champrix is part of the BW-Group that represent the following companies:

ChampFood (mushroom supplements)

Champrix (feed additives)

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