Champrix Ruminant nutrition for better beef and milk

We understand that your beef and dairy cattle has to perform. Based on our nutritional insight and your personal experiences we will find the products that will help your cows and calves to perform in the best possible way in order to deliver high quality beef and milk products. We offer products and ingredients that can enhance the quality of your beef and milk and improve your business efficiency as a result. Our products include:

Premixes for cows
Our nutrient top dressings are mixtures of functional ingredients and additives. We treat our premixes with molasses to enhance the taste, maintain natural moisture and as a binder for possible dust.

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Milk replacers for calves
For our calve feed, only the best ingredients are good enough. As our milk replacers are easily digestible and have high biological values, they will result in improved animal performance. Our products moreover include energy-enhancing sources and balanced fatty acids like soy and coconut oil.

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