Focus on sustainability is focus on health

We are taking responsibility for our role in the food chain. Therefore we are committed to providing premixes, protein concentrates, feed additives and milk replacers that improve performance and productivity while reducing the environmental impact. To ensure that, we – amongst others – work with certified suppliers only.

Sustainability is one of our focal points when developing and producing our feed ingredients and additives. It is our goal to support efficient production of milk, meat and eggs with optimal feed, while maintaining respect for our environment. If our products result in improvement of animal health so they will need less medication, we will improve human health in the end. We are constantly working on improvement of feed-to-food conversion that will lead to a decrease of minerals and CO2 output, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. By assuring quality feed for animals we assure quality of food for humans.

We are also committed to decreasing our own carbon footprint. To do so we have chosen to drive environmentally friendly hybrid cars and we provide in our own electricity through solar panels that are installed on our own roof. Champrix is part of the Baltussen Wanroij Group, that among others is an active shareholder in a number of renewable energy production companies like Windmill Farm Growind and Windpark De Ambtenaar. Needless to say, we are an avid supporter of green energy.

To find out more about our corporate responsibility activities and how this can improve your business, please contact us.

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