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Champrix in Tanzania.

Champrix in Tanzania

Animal feeds multinational Champrix B.V. has announced that it is ramping up operations in the East African nation of Tanzania.
Tanzania has been seeing a steady growth in its local poultry sector. Poultry farming helps greatly in both urban and rural communities, bolstering food security and family income, with some 3.7 million agricultural households raising chickens in their own backyards. Commercial poultry ventures are also on the rise, with an influx of investments into breeding farms and hatcheries throughout the country.
With Champrix now in Tanzania, farm operators of all kinds-- whether traditional backyard farmers or commercial chicken breeders-- now have better access to its signature line of high-quality tailored premixes, feed additives, milk replacers, and protein concentrates for animal feed.

Agriculture in Tanzania
Agriculture drives the Tanzanian economy, but it continues to face several challenges, even as the government continues to push for growth and development in this sector.
Local farmers remain at a subsistence level, unable to operate more efficiently (much less grow) due to a lack of finances and farming education.  A more robust local agricultural sector can help much to alleviate poverty and increase productivity. Interestingly enough, more households have been raising poultry-- particularly chicken-- to help address these concerns.
With support from both the government as well as the private sector, local farming associations have also done much to help poultry breeders, encouraging better local husbandry practices, organising the market of poulty and poultry products, and giving farmers better access to higher-quality feeds and veterinary services.

The Best Results Start With The Right Partner
Committed to helping local farmers achieve their goals, Champrix brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Champrix’s own team of highly knowledgeable experts in the fields of animal nutrition and agriculture makes them an ideal business partner for the Tanzanian agricultural sector, particularly individual farm owners and commercial chicken breeders.
As a globally-recognized brand, Champrix operates smoothly and efficiently, as well as maintains a high standard for quality. The company provides not just excellent after-sales service, but also a one-stop-shop feed program to help local farmers save considerable time and effort.
Developing specific animal feed ingredients that are best suited for the Tanzanian market, the Champrix team is totally committed to delivering its variety of nutritional supplements and feed additives in a timely and cost-efficient manner, making it more readily accessible to local players.
Farmers can also tap into Champrix's superior result-oriented approach for just about any requirement. With their scientific approach to animal nutrition, customized solutions can lead to the right mix of ingredients for healthier, more productive animal feed that will result in a higher quality of meat and eggs.
As Champrix provides premixes, protein concentrates, feed additives and milk replacers that improve performance, it is also well aware of its role in the food chain. Champrix continues to provide these solutions as sustainably and as ecologically-friendly as possible, avoiding placing any additional strain on the local environment and natural resources.

Better Poultry Products For a Better Agricultural Sector
Champrix has the experience and expertise when it comes to understanding the nutritional and developmental needs of poultry at each life stage. With a wide array of poultry feed products, Champix helps Tanzanian farmers not only boost production but also improve the quality of their flock. Doing so helps maximize profitability and business efficiency. Trademark Champrix products include:

Premix for poultry feed
Using only the highest quality products from our certified suppliers, Champrix premix for poultry aims to meet the growth requirements of your flock by filling in the nutritional gaps in regular chicken feed. A mix of functional ingredients and additives, Champrix poultry premix may be used as-is, or further customized according specific nutritional requirements.

Champrix feed additives
They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A healthier, hardier flock means chickens that are a lot more resilient and a lot less susceptible to diseases, drastic environmental changes, and contaminants. Champrix has a suite of chicken feed supplements which include vitamins, amino acids, preservatives and yeasts, among other things. Available in both liquid and powder form, Champrix supplements are designed to encourage better gut health among your chickens to ensure a higher grade of poultry products.

As an alternative to regular antibiotics, Champ-Green has bioactive fat components and essential oils and has been found to have strong antibacterial properties in independent research trials. Champrix developed this particular product in response to the prevalence of antibiotics mixed in regular animal feed.

Designed to counteract fungi-caused mycotoxins, Champ-Tox is a suite of organic toxin binders that help in deactivating these common toxic hazards, which often found in regular animal feed.

Champ-acid S & Champ-acid P
A mix of organic acids, Champrix products such as Champ-acid S and Champ-acid P are both effective acidifiers that have strong anti-microbial characteristics. Champ-acid S has been particularly effective against pathogens such as E. Coli and Salmonella, while Champ-acid P is similarly effective versus other microbial agents.

In warmer weather, your chickens can get overly stressed by the heat, and can be particularly troublesome especially in regions with high humidity.
To cool down, birds respond to heat stress by panting, as this aids in dissipating heat by evaporative cooling. However, this also leads to blood alkalosis (i.e. a higher pH in blood plasma) which results to poor feed intake, and reduced overall performance.
Champ-Heat has been designed to prevent blood alkalosis through a combination of different buffers, specific vitamins and electrolytes. As the elevated blood pH has been compensated for, the introduction of Champ-Heat helps your flock eat better and perform better, even in harsher high-temperature environments.

Protein concentrates for poultry
Champrix is able to customize any protein mix you need to reach your flock’s optimal target nutritional levels. Offering a healthy and tasty ingredient for your chicken feed, Champrix has protein concentrates which include easily digestible components such as potato protein and yeast, amongst others.

About Champrix
A dedicated team of knowledgeable animal feed experts, Champrix understands what farm operators, poultry breeders, and traditional farmers really need.
Drawing on an impeccable track record for results, and a proven seniority in the animal feed industry, Champrix is known for its integrity and quality, making the brand a preferred partner for many clients around the world.  
Catering to a global network of home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors, Champrix is also known for its efficient shipping and reliable delivery services worldwide.
With headquarters in The Netherlands and in close proximity to Rotterdam International Harbor, Champrix is part of the Baltussen Wanroij Group. Among many other things, the BW-Group is an active shareholder in a number of renewable energy production companies like Windmill Farm Growind and Windpark De Ambtenaar.
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